• Reactive Integration for Agile Operations
    Connectivity Factory™ is the first integration platform
    to rely on reactive technologies
  • Software Deployment has never been so Quick
    Connectivity Factory™ Inside allows Software Providers
    to quickly and easily deploy their own solution
  • Make your Business More Agile
    Connectivity Factory™ helps enterprises to swiftly overcome
    the complexities of shifting IT landscapes
  • Get your Focus Back. On Business
    Leave the integration to our experts and
    focus on your core business

They trust us


What it is

Connectivity Factory™ is a unique middleware solution that makes sure data is distributed across multiple systems and available when and where it’s needed. This powerful and reliable solution easily, quickly and securely turns inconsistent and disparate data into warranted sources of information, providing valuable assets to the business.

What it does

Integration, enterprise connectivity, big data management, monitoring capabilities, process industrialization, mergers and acquisitions. Connectivity Factory™ brings a superior level of agility and enables your business to run smoothly, better manage processes, supervise operations, get high-quality data and make smarter decisions in due time.

Who it's for

All industry types can benefit from Connectivity Factory™: Finance, Insurance, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare providers, Government bodies, Public Administration, Media, Transportation and Logistics, as well as Software providers.